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Motorola CP200 Two Way Radios two-way radios Walkie Talkies

The Motorola CP200 two way radios, two-way radios, walkie talkies can be found on film and television sets anywhere in the U.S.. The units are lightweight and offer 16 channels of high quality audio. Some of our customers are HBO, Comedy Central, MTV, SNL, Martha Stewart, Conde Nast, radical media, Smuggler, RSA/USA, etc. In addition, we provide units to high end caterers and event planners such as Union Square Events, Thomas Preti, Eventage, Gotham Hall, etc.

  • Daily Rate: $10
  • Weekly Rate: $30
  • Monthly Rate: $100

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Motorola CP200 headsets

CP200 Headsets

Lightweight single muff headset with swivel boom microphone.

  • Daily Rate: $4
  • Weekly Rate: $12
  • Monthly Rate: $40

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Otto Engineering microphone surveillance kit

Otto Engineering Palm Microphone Surveillance Kit

This kit resembles Secret Service units. It features a lightweight earphone, rubber eartip, radio connector and clothing clip.
This unit is ideal for discrete communication and is a favorite of men and women with important hairdos.

  • Daily Rate: $4
  • Weekly Rate: $12
  • Monthly Rate: $40

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Motorola XPR8400U repeater

Motorola XPR8400U 40 Watt Digital/Analog Repeater

For challenging two-way radio situations such as golf courses, floor to floor communications within modern buildings, the Motorola repeater is essential.

  • Daily Rate: $90
  • Weekly Rate: $270
  • Monthly Rate: $900

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